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Aging Life Care Management 
and Fiduciary Services

We provide streamlined, professional, and highly personalized services

" Julie has the unique double value of being certified and educated as both a Professional Fiduciary as well as a Professional Geriatric Care Manager, member of the Aging Life Care Association.  For those eldercare professionals who may have this double training, very few actually have the amount of experience in both roles as Julie does.  I have seen first-hand what an immense benefit this is when in the position of making health care decisions for her clients.  

Laurel Etheridge
Etheridge Care Management
Geriatric Care Manager
Our multidisciplinary and hands-on
approach enables us to understand and address a person's challenges and needs, and, helps the client and family sort through the options that will provide the best solutions.  We see each person as an integrative whole and thus, our services cover the entire spectrum of support for help with legal, financial, cognitive and mental health, home safety, transportation,  home care, nutrition, psycho-social, and spiritual connections, physical health and medical conditions, and quality of life.   more...
Fiduciary Assistance
A fiduciary occupies a position of trust.  We handle the financial and life affairs for our clients who can no longer do so themselves.  
Each client has different levels of need for fiduciary services.  Since our services are needs-based,  we have clients who need basic assistance in bill paying and money management to others who have much greater need in the management and oversight of all the elements in their estate.   
Known for trustworthy, professional, and compassionate service, we serve in a variety of capacities.   more...
We are experts in the emerging  field of technology  that that is designed to help persons reside more independently and in many cases, can help prevent a crisis.  Our consultation and assessment  services combine four interlocking technology categories that enable older adults and individuals with special needs to thrive in the most independent setting possible.
Who Uses Our Services?

Adult children seek our assistance to help them with solutions and care plans for their senior parents.  Long distance caregivers who aren't able to see their loved one in order to accurately notice and assess the conditions of health, safety, nutrition, medical compliance, and other quality of life factors.
We receive referrals from Elder law and probate attorneys who represent clients who need bills paid, a power of attorney, agent under advance health care directive, Conservator of Person or Estate, a Trustee, or personal representative of an Estate.
Health care providers and various social service agencies  need support for their clients and patients facing various challenges of aging and/or disability.
In the financial management and fiduciary capacity, we provide support to Corporate Fiduciaries,  Licensed Professional Fiduciaries, and many individulas who suddenly find themselves acting in the role of fiduciary for someone.  We also assist Professional Care Managers who are seeking fiduciary assistance filling this gap in their services if they are not licensed in this specific area of expertise.