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Aging Life Care Management 
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Technology Experts for Aging in Place safely

Smart technology adds additional safety nets for aging in place, increased socialization, and connectivity to friends and family.

An array of new technology is giving older people more confidence in their ability to live alone, and it's helping many families avoid the very difficult and unwanted (at times) decision to move an aging parent from his or her home to a nursing facility.
"Smart" technology such as sensors, voice activation, GPS, Bluetooth, cellular connectivity via mobile phones, smartphone monitoring apps and sophisticated computers are making aging in place a viable option for an increasing number of people.
"Technology is allowing me to stay on my own as long as I can — I would like to die right here in my condo," said Phyllis Bek-gran of Venice, Fla., 90 yrs. old.
Our consultation and assessment services combine four interlocking technology categories that enable older adults and individuals with special needs to thrive in the most independent setting possible.
Home Safety & Security
  • fall detection
  • location & wander management
  • stove use sensors
  • remote well-being monitors
Heath & Wellness
  • medication dispensers & alerts
  • telehealth devices to monitor health conditions
Communication & Connectiveness
  • email communication, photo sharing
  • remote monitoring for members of the family to allow you to receive alerts for abnormal activity
  • easy to use cell phones, computers, and hearing enhanced telephones
Learning & Contribution
  • brain and physical fitness
  • internet support