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What others say about our services and team
"If it wasn't for Julie to help me with my brother's finances, his home environment, and his MediCal,  I couldn't have done it without her. She was always there for me and my brother.  She looked out for our best interests,  ALWAYS."
Thank You,

"If it wasn't for Julie to help me with my brother's finances, his home environment, and his MediCal,  I couldn't have done it without her. She was always there for me and my brother.  She looked out for our best interests,  ALWAYS."
I've known Julie for 8 years now and have had only positive experiences with her. I've also only had great experiences with the rest of her team.
Julie is collaborative, responsive and the type of person that fights you over the check in a good way. I've worked together with Julie on many clients and have been particularly impressed by how she leverages technology to enrich their lives.
What I've also appreciated about Julie is that she communicates very well. She always provides me with helpful guidance when working with her clients and also listens and takes action when I report observations back to her. I think that Julie's scientific background is a real strength in her work as she takes note of all of the variables and makes sound recommendations and decisions based on what's happening and what can/will happen. I recommend Julie without hesitation and am always happy to answer any questions that you might have about working with her.
Ben Lewis, Owner, Engage as You Age
 "I live a long way from my Dad, who lives in a retirement home. Dad has mobility issues, and his dementia is worsening with time. The 21st Century team takes care of coordinating medical care and transportation, and checking on Dad's physical and emotional well-being. Their conversations with me are friendly, realistic, and beyond helpful. I could probably keep my Dad safe from a distance without them, but I'd be emotionally exhausted myself. The 21st Century team is the glue holding my situation together".
It’s been a pleasure working with you to support Jonathan and his loved ones through this process. I’m glad he is at peace - such a troubled man in addition to being very ill. I really enjoyed seeing you work and how you handled the multiple complex dynamics of the situation. They had all been through so much with the prior fiduciaries (whom I respect very much) but you had just the right approach that worked for everyone. You gained their respect and confidence immediately. It’s that East Coast directness & shooting from the hip tempered with your kindness. Good for you!  DC, Fiduciary

Julie and Courtney have been a part of our lives since 2011. They serve as Fiduciary, Conservator and Special Needs Trust for my eldest brother. When there was a need, Julie and Courtney came to support my family in a very professional way. Their expertise is to be acknowledged and recognized as being, "simply the best!"
Julie has been open and honest with us on every front and her recommendations have met and secured many challenges in Dad's behalf. Shes always there when we need her and acts swiftly and justly in very caring ways that make it much easier when we are so far away. She has been available to us at a moments notice and that's  a very good thing especially when we live so far away. We are forever grateful for her support and wisdom .Truly!
The secretary at 21st Century Care Solutions bares acknowledging here as well because the support she gives is a vital part of the overall picture of a really remarkable group of people that have and are doing an outstanding job of being there in every way possible to support what they believe and exude in all they do to make our lives and the lives of people who are entrusted to their care as happy and joyful as possible.
Thank You is never enough but its all we have and hopefully we have honored you all here in ways that show you our deepest gratitude for all you do !
Respectfully With The Kindest Regard, Always!
The Shaws
"Courtney has been there for Dad over the past two years in every way possible. She gives him opportunities to do things like travel with the caregivers to exciting places and he is a very happy well adjusted Senior gentleman. This was a difficult journey in many ways for us all and Courtney stayed the course so that our Dad could have the wonderful opportunities that every Senior Citizen should be allowed to enjoy with the proper expertise to make it happen. We love her and we're thank full everyday that we are so fortunate to have been able to trust her to communicate with us promptly and regularly about all  things concerning Dad. "
I have had the good fortune of working as a colleague with Julie Menack for the past 10 years.  Julie has the unique double value of being certified and educated as both a Professional Fiduciary as well as a Professional Geriatric Care Manager, member of the Aging Life Care Association.  For those eldercare professionals who may have this double training, very few actually have the amount of experience in both roles as Julie does.  I have seen first-hand what an immense benefit this is when in the position of making health care decisions for her clients. 
Julie and I have worked closely on some very difficult situations and I can confidently say that she has what I consider an excellent balance of professionalism and heart.  I frequently recommend Julie and her company to prospective clients knowing they will be well served. 
Laurel Etheridge
Etheridge Care Management
Geriatric Care Manager, Member of the Aging Life Care Association
21st Century Care Solutions provided all of the necessary support and professionalism in the case of a client with dementia, living in her own home, who was in urgent need of placement. They put their knowledge to work and the client is now securely living at a board and care that is not only a perfect fit for her needs but also her cultural background.  Julie’s team made it happen smoothly and respectfully.
Ann E. O'Hara,
Law office of Ann E. O'Hara
My sister and I were introduced to 21st Century Care Solutions when our cousin "Penny" became incapacitated due to a stroke.  This followed several other health issues and she needed care beyond home health.
Penny has lived alone in Oakland for years where she raised show dogs .  We live in Houston, TX and are her only living relatives.  We visited her after her 3rd stroke and it was obvious we wouldn't be much help from Texas. When Julie Menack was recommended as a truly caring and qualified Case Manager we called her and met the next day. Hiring her agency was the absolutely best decision we made on Penny's behalf.
Julie assigned Courtney Blair to be Penny's Case Manager, and she immediately gained Penny's trust, a major accomplishment due to the devistating effects of the stokes. Courtney became her advocate and has managed her nursing facility care, doctor's appointments, medications and personal and household needs, plus giving us weekly (or more) updates by email and phone.
Penny's care has been a very difficult case from the beginning. We put our trust and Penny's care in 21st Century and  we can't imagine anyone doing a better job.  Every person on staff is a true professional and has our utmost respect. The big winner has been Penny.   Ben Coatsworth

I wish to express my profound appreciation for the superb job you are doing to ensure that J’s remaining time above ground is as good as it can be.   

You are very, very good at what you do.
Jack L. Clausen, M.D.
Professor of Medicine (ret.)
School of Medicine, U of California San Diego

I have been very touched by looking at the way you deal with L.   What you do is invaluable, and the way you go about it is just admirable.  It takes a special kind of person, selfless and with a huge heart, to do what you do.  And to think that L is just one of many people you do this for…   If you believe I (sp) heaven, I am sure there’s a guaranteed spot for you.   If you don’t believe, I hope life is fair to you and rewards you like you deserve. 
Bank Trust Officer